Shashi's Ear Cuff assortment is the epitome of minimalist chic. With 18K Vermeil and Cubic Zirconia details these ear cuffs maintain their shine. An Ear cuff does not require any commitment, they are a great look for pierces as well as unpierced ears

Here are some of the best tips on how to wear ear cuffs. Simply insert the ear cuff, twist inward to attach and squeeze gently for a secure fit. Place around the upper ear or slip it onto the middle ear. Shashi cuff earrings have a great solid feel and can be worn at any height comfortably.

Easily adjustable yet sturdy fit allows for comfortable everyday wear. 

Shashi ear cuffs are timeless, current and modern with simplicity to matching with other accessories. The collection is an assortment of gold and silver ear cuffs, diamond ear cuffs embellished with crystal accents.

Ear cuff earrings are the statement-making jewelry you need. We love how petite design adds a delicate modern effect to both daytime and night out look. Try them ones and you will be reaching for them again and again.