Gold Necklace For Women


Gold Necklaces for Women are about as perfect as they come. They are unique among other pieces of jewelry with their signature warm glow and eye-capturing beauty. Whether it is a white gold necklace, rose gold or yellow gold, you know that they will stand out.

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They are are a staple accessory to any and all women. These beautiful, rare pieces are timeless, versatile and always on-trend. You can absolutely never go wrong with adding a Gold Necklaces for Women into your collection. Throughout time, these pieces seem to never go away. Traditional and modern looks alike, you can always find gold necklaces in the mix.  

Gold Necklaces are Versatile

Gold can be worn with anything. Whether it is a night out on the town, a beach day or a quick coffee date, Gold Necklaces for Women are always an impeccable option. In addition there are many different colors of gold – yellow, white and rose. You can always find the right color to work with what you’re wearing. A chic white gold necklace livens up any look all across the spectrum and is a perfect go-to for everyday wear.


Are you dying to wear that dress with the simple, plunging neckline out to dinner but not sure of how to make it stand out? Layer a dainty gold necklace with a long gold necklace to catch the eye in any evening look. For both a professional and intriguing appeal, add a gold chain necklace; women’s looks at work should be memorable. Do not be afraid to stand out a little bit with that warm flash of a Gold Necklaces for Women.

Gold Necklaces for Women are Classic

They stand out from other jewelry like a warm beacon of light. Its symbol on the periodic table, “Au,” stems from the Greek word “aurum,” which translates to: “glow of sunshine.” Shining like a star will always be in style. 

gold necklace for women is a standard for anyone of importance throughout history. From tiaras and rings, to a dramatic or simple gold necklace, the status that it’s shine exhibits is unparalleled. The Egyptian Royalty were famous for their adoration of gold. Think of Cleopatra wearing a daring gold chain necklace, women’s jewelry trends were set by her for centuries. Any time you put on a simple 14k gold necklace, you channel your inner royalty. 

Gold Necklaces for Women are On-Trend

The Minimalist Trend – wear a simple Jewelry on its own. 

A classic t-shirt and a cup of coffee in hand are a perfect combination to show off a clean 14k gold necklace. If you are headed out to Sunday Brunch, add a dainty gold necklace with your dress for a subtle, flirty look.

The Maximalist Trend – wear Gold Necklaces for Women with oversized pendants or statement accents.

Headed to that party and need to accessorize? Oversized pendants always stand out and are great conversation pieces. A beautiful gold chain necklace is another way to catch the eye.

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The most unique part about accessorizing with a gold choker is that it is achievable for any style. Some of our favorites have to be the classic cross, chain and pendant gold necklaces. They are perfect for everyday wear or can help make a statement. We absolutely adore the gold bar and gold coin style necklaces, too. They can be paired and layered with each other for a fun boho approach. You can also wear them as a stand-alone piece for a more simplistic trend. Whether your variety is simple and sophisticated or bold and fun, we have perfect gold necklaces for women.


A classic dainty gold necklace style, gold cross necklaces have been a favorite of women around the world for many years. These sleek and symbolic gold choker jewelry are available in a variety of shapes, styles and silhouettes. They often feature a beautiful cross pendant displayed on a simple gold chain. From bold oversized designs to simple minimalist pieces, there’s the perfect cross pendant gold necklace for women for you.


One of our favorite styles for this year and beyond is the gold chain necklace, women’s designs specifically. These unique gold necklaces are both versatile and highly wearable, easy to add to any look for a chic elevated feel. A fantastic part of wearing a gold chain necklace womens style is that you can easily pair them with different pieces. You can easily create a chic layered look for a modern minimalist aesthetic.

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One of the most timeless long gold necklace trends is the gorgeous pendant necklace. This unique style pairs a long gold chain necklace womens with an eye-catching pendant for a truly beautiful appearance. These necklaces are great for pairing with other gold pieces to create a look that is uniquely yours. 


Meet the perfect minimalist dainty gold necklace style – the gold bar necklace. This chic design combines a simple chain with a sophisticated gold bar pendant for an understated yet statement-making look. Perfect for wearing on its own or pairing with another 14K gold necklace or two, gold bar necklaces are quickly becoming one of our favorite wear-anywhere styles.


If you love a chic vintage-inspired gold necklace, gold coin necklaces are the perfect style for you. This bold yet understated style is perfect for adding a bohemian feel to any look. They often feature a long gold necklace with a bold coin-shaped pendant. Many of these 14K gold necklaces feature oversized pendant designs with subtle detailing for a textured look.

Gold necklaces for women are such beautiful and quality pieces to have. As a staple among the collection of accessories for women, they are always on trend and are extremely versatile. From Cleopatra’s bold gold chain necklace, women’s classic gold pendants to dainty gold necklaces, you can never go wrong with a gold necklace. The endless combinations and ability to dress up or dress down your wardrobe with a choker never disappoints. 

The Layered Trend – wear multiple gold pieces together. 

If it’s festival season and you’re dying to liven up what you’ve chosen to wear, you can never go wrong with layers of gold necklaces for women. Tie it in with your other accessories such as bracelets, rings or anklets. Long Gold Necklaces for Women are perfect for spicing up a swimsuit look. Whether you’re lounging at the pool or playing in the waves, nothing says, “I am a beach goddess,” more than a tan and a few layers of jewelry.