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Shell Necklaces: Wearable Gems of the Sea

The shell necklace is having a comeback!

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One of the most famous paintings in the world is The Birth of Venus. It depicts the goddess of love and beauty sailing to shore on a scallop shell. If shells are divine enough for Venus, then why not our own necklines? The spiritual symbolism of seashells is well-documented worldwide. But over time, our society has lost the true meaning of these gems of the sea.

We’ve come to associate shells with boardwalks and tourism. Shells are resort wear, mere tokens of a beach vacation. For some, one look at a puka shell brings back memories of the 70s and 90s. Strings of puka beads were a status symbol among youth during those decades. What was the point of vacation if you didn’t return with a seashell necklace?

Today, shell jewelry is more than a simple souvenir. The seashell necklace has graced the fashion scene many times in recent years:

● 2017: Prada showed the iconic shell necklace with an oversized design.

● 2018: Louis Vuitton brought back the puka shell necklace for their spring menswear collection.

● 2019: Supermodels wore their puka beads to Paris Fashion Week with flair.

It’s safe to say that your favorite 90s accessory is out of retirement! That’s right: trendy shell necklaces are having their moment in the spotlight. But, let’s not dust off the trusty puka shell necklace of your youth just yet. Modern twists are what’s keeping shell jewelry stylish year round. Here are the trendiest ways that designers are revisiting the seashell necklace:

Gilded With Gold

Cowrie shells have a rich history, even outside the jewelry world. They've been used as currency and decor. Some Indian astrologers even use them as fortune telling tools! In our modern times, the cowrie shell necklace represents destiny.

We like to imagine our own destinies as bright, glimmering futures. For this reason, gold tends to decorate the iconic cowrie shell necklace. 18K or gold-toned material can be applied to the tooth of the cowrie shell. Or, it covers the whole shell for a complete gold shell necklace look. Kristen Bell is fond of the gold, cowrie shell choker style! In 2019, a photo shared on Instagram showed her in a golden cowrie necklace. It was paired with a black one-piece, and the result was stunning!

Our Favorite Gold Shell Necklace? The Caroline Gold Necklace by S H A S H I.

cowrie shell necklace

Allow your cowrie shell necklace to fall just below the collarbone. The golden teeth of the shell symbolize the bright beginnings of your destiny. Styled like this, the cowrie necklace looks chic enough to wear for a night out. You needn’t feel limited to wearing this piece with only beachwear! A shell necklace such as this one is made timeless by the gold application. It’s an elevated look, balancing between the natural and divine.

Want More Shine? Try This Shell Necklace by S H A S H I : The Baltic.


This cowrie shell necklace is coated in gold as a bold statement piece. Carry a symbol of the rich, bountiful destiny that lies before you. It’s stylish -- way more than the plastic, white shell necklace of your middle school years! A full, gold coating makes this necklace glimmer and gleam.

Multiple And Many : The Art of Layering

Are you hesitant to wear a shell choker off the boardwalk? Some fear that this kind of seashell necklace is difficult to style. If we remember to treat shells as we would with gemstones, styling becomes easy! What would you wear with a pearl choker? More pearls! As Coco Chanel once said: “Why wear one string when you can wear two?”

Today's seashell necklace collection designs have layering in mind. Cohesion is at the forefront of jewelry line creation. It doesn’t matter if they’re made of scallop, cowrie, or puka shell! Treat all shells like gemstones and don’t be afraid to double up! Nobody says “too much!” when pairing a pearl choker with matching earrings.

The Little Black Dress of Shells: This Cowrie Shell Choker by Shop Shashi

The Caroline Choker is a minimalist, white shell necklace.This shell choker uses natural cowrie shells as a clean base for layering A choker rests around the base of your neck. Its location allows you to add lower hanging necklaces with ease! Miss the puka shell necklace look? Bring out the delicacy of the puka shell in a way that’s super chic. Combine your choker with a loose, puka shell necklace for effortless style.

Not Sure Where To Start? Shop Sashi’s Lagoon Necklace Will Build Your Confidence!

Building up the confidence to layer natural shells? Charms may be for you. Pair your shell choker with delicate charms! The Lagoon Necklace’s gold charm has a scallop shape to remind you of Venus.

shell necklace

You can always channel your inner goddess, even while discovering your style. The contrast of natural shells and dazzling metals is eye-catching! Dust off a vintage puka shell choker to test the waters! Drape The Lagoon necklace over it to see how you like the layered aesthetic. 

Need Cowrie Earrings to Match? Try Shop Shashi’s Caroline Huggie Hoop!

Lucie Donlan, fan favorite on Love Island, wore a shell choker during her season. She wasn’t afraid to pair it with cowrie earrings. And now, many of her 1.4 million Instagram followers want to emulate her style! Want in on this hot trend? The Caroline Huggie Hoop is an earring that pairs well with trendy shell necklaces everywhere.

shell necklace

Bright, Colorful Paints That Pop!

You like the ivory gleam to a natural cowrie shell. You like when your cowrie shell necklace comes coated in metallic shades. But, some outfits just aren’t complete without a pop of color! A painted cowrie shell necklace can liven your decolletage. Options are endless. Choose your favorite color or one that symbolizes what’s important to you. A painted cowrie shell is not only fun and artsy, but deeply personal.

Want Something Bold? Try The Deep Blue Sea Necklace by S H A S H I !

This seashell necklace is painted in a bright, honeybee yellow. In color symbolism, a vivid yellow represents happiness and hope. When applied to the cowrie shell, a symbol of destiny, you can’t help but smile. Knowing its meaning makes this a special birthday and graduation gift. Is there anything more touching than a gift that signifies a hopeful future?


shell necklace

Yellow accessories boom in popularity during spring. They match the blooming daffodils and tulips that pop up after a harsh winter. The Deep Blue Necklace is a fun, wearable blend of the seasons. A seashell necklace makes most people think of summer. Yet, the yellow reminds us of spring! Design choices like these expand our worldview. A shell necklace can have multiple, beautiful meanings. In the modern fashion scene, shells can inspire us both on the beach and off.

shell necklace